The Legends


Not all hedge funds are alike: we selected 10 out of 10.000 hedge funds globally

  • Excellence, Diversification & Absolute Return
    Legends Fund invests in a diversified manner with the most successful hedge fund managers in the world who adopt to different market environments, who invest in all asset classes and who can profit from both rising and falling markets
  • Capital Preservation First
    All underlying hedge funds put capital preservation first by being disciplined and selective as to which investment opportunities to pursue and which risks to avoid
  • Unique Access
    While most of these managers are closed to outside capital, investors can get access to them through Legends Fund on a daily basis


“Only a few investors in the world consistently achieve superior investment results. They are difficult to find and typically closed to new investors. These are the Legends that we look for.”

Ruud Smets, Director Theta Capital Management




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