Terms & Conditions

Investment Terms Legends Fund

NAV (31 December 2020): EUR 109.83
Participations (31 December 2020): 205,212
AuM: EUR 34 million (EUR 280 Million in strategy*)
Management fee: 0.625% per annum**
Performance fee: 5% with High Watermark**
Currency: EUR
Valuations: Daily
Minimum investment: EUR 100.000, EUR 100 through the exchange
Subscriptions: Daily (minimum EUR 100.000)
Redemptions: Monthly, with 90 days notice
Trading: Continuously on Euronext Amsterdam, no minimum
Subscription fee: 0%
Weekly limit Liquidity Provider: 5%
Monthly limit Liquidity Provider: 10%
Redemption fee: 0%
Structure: Dutch Common Contractual Fund
Regulation: Legends Fund and its Fund Manager, Theta Fund Management B.V., are regulated by the Autoriteit Financiële Markten and the Dutch Central Bank. Theta Fund Management B.V. has an AIFMD License and is registered with the AFM with number 15000174.
* Next to Legends Fund, Theta Capital Management manages bespoke individual portfolios of hedge funds (for more information, please visit www.thetacapital.com)

** The underlying hedge funds that Legends Fund participates in charge their own management and performance fees. Theta Capital is fully independent from these hedge funds and does not serve as an agent, distributor or partner.